Top 9 Tips to Avoid Christmas Fire Hazards

Christmas is around the corner. You must be busy preparing celebration plans, doing shopping, baking ginger bread cookies and decorating your home with dazzling lights. After all, it is the season of celebrations, decorations and enjoyment. However, it is also a high time of fires related accidents.

According to U.S Fire Administration (USFA), the number of residential fires is doubled on Christmas Day than on an average day. The fires occurred during the holiday season are more deadly and costly than at any other time of the year. So, fire safety measures should be taken into consideration to keep you and your beloved ones safe.

Here are the few tips to protect your home and loved ones from fire hazards during this holiday season.

Take care of your Christmas tree

Buy a fresh tree and maintain its freshness by making a cut on the base of the tree before putting it into a sturdy stand. Keep it hydrated by watering it regularly. Don’t keep it close to the source of heat. Avoid using candles to lighten up.

No matter how well you water it, it will dry out after few days. So, take it out immediately after holidays. Artificial tree is much safer than real tree but make sure it is flame retardant.

Inspect your lights

Your home looks beautiful when you decorate it with lights during holiday season. While doing that, make sure you inspect the lights. If the wires and sockets are damaged, fix them quickly. Don’t plug more than three strands to prevent overheating and always check the safety label such as UL (Underwriter’s labs) or FM (Factory mutual). Take them down after holidays as they get damaged by weather.

Have a fire escape plan

Plan in advance on what you would do in the event of fire. Arrange smoke detectors in each sleeping room of your home.

Don’t burn the Christmas tree and wrapping paper

Don’t burn the Christmas tree and wrapping paper to dispose them because it can clog the chimney and spread the fire as an ash.

Inspect extension cords

Check your extension cords to ensure they are laboratory-approved. Never tape and run them under rugs. Don’t overload your electrical outlets. If a fuse or a circuit trip blows, that means it is overloaded.

Decorate Your Christmas tree safely

Avoid taping, stapling and tacking decoration ornaments into wiring, when you decorate your Christmas tree.

Cook Carefully

Cooking is one of the top causes of holiday fires. You tend to cook more dishes using more stoves at once. Keep an eye on hot surfaces and overflowing pots. Avoid using a turkey deep fryer indoors.

It is quite easy to get distracted from cooking. You leave the kitchen heating oil in the pan, when your husband calls you and completely forget you have something on your stove. Don’t leave cooking food unattended.

Be careful with Candles

Maintain a foot of space between candle and combustible things. Always set candles on sturdy base and cover them with hurricane globes. Don’t forget to blow out candles before going to bed. LED candles are the best option for worry free atmosphere.

Keep an Eye on Your Kids

A lighter or a candle is more deadly than a revolver in the hands of kid. So, don’t let your children play with flammable things.

We hope you will follow above safety tips to have safe holidays. Teteelight Electrical Services of Kansas, Missouri wishes you a safe and merry Christmas.

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