Shower Doors Can Give Your Bathroom a Unique Look

Did you know that shower doors are available with features that allow you to create a unique design in your bathroom? Most home improvement stores will have several styles on display so you can get an idea of how a particular design may look in your space. You may also find some tools online that help you choose different options to build your own shower design. Consider just a few of the features you may choose from to set your bathroom apart:

Framed or Frameless:

Many modern designs of shower doors are frameless, meaning that there is not a frame surrounding the shower enclosure. The glass enclosure is mounted directly to the wall, allowing for a sleek, smooth look. The glass is a thicker and more architecturally sound structure since there is no frame supporting it. You will still have the ability to customize your look with the hardware design for the handle and hinges.

For a framed enclosure, you can pick from different painted enamel and traditional metal finishes. They are usually less expensive than frameless doors. This type is better at holding water due to the metal structure. Framed styles also allow you to choose from more glass options, so you have the ability to create more of a unique design.

Glass Texture and Color:

Clear glass is the most widely used and can be used in both framed and frameless styles. Most of the different options for glass texture and color will be options for framed shower doors. Frosted glass is a popular option for many designs, made by etching into one side of the glass. It allows for soft light to pass through and doesn’t completely block your vision inside or outside the enclosure. Low iron glass has a less greenish tint than regular glass, allowing for greater clarity and more light passing through. Some glass may be tinted in different shades. Embossing and etched designs such as swirls or waves are available as well.

Door Type

You might have the option of choosing a unique door type, depending on your bathroom layout and shower design. Just a few choices include:

– A corner door that is flat or rounded
– Curved glass
– Folding or sliding doors for larger openings
– Glass screen
– Steam door

Your shower doors are just one component of a beautiful bathroom design that can be both functional and beautiful. Research the many options you have available at home stores and online before making your remodeling decisions.

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