Mixing Textures Within My Bathroom Design

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used areas of the house. When it comes time to remodel, it is an excellent place to begin, and usually the room most in need of an upgrade. When making changes, many people wonder whether to maintain a consistent approach or if it is a good idea to mix textures. There is no rule that says you can’t mix, in fact, it’s likely that you will find more fun in the ability to expand your options with the use of texture. Using a combination of different materials and textures when making changes to the walls, flooring and fixtures will result in a customization that better reveals your own personality and style.

The flooring

When considering the bathroom flooring, try checking out the many options available in laminate. The many looks available in this material include a standard tile or a piece of real wood. Manufacturers have added details to the faux wood design so that they may appear distressed with wormholes and knots in the grain. Another benefit of laminate is the various shapes and sizes that are available. Whether it’s long planks or squares, because it is water-resistant, it will hold up to the heavy foot traffic that the bathroom sees. Other flooring options include the fun springy feel of rubber or mold-resistant cork. Carpeting can be considered for wall-to-wall or just as a spot rug to add a touch of color and will prove to be more durable than a common bath mat.

The walls

Updating your drab walls to better reflect your sense of style can be as simple as a change of color or the inclusion of some wallpaper. The multi-functional option of installing large mirrors will make your bathroom space feel more opened up and make it easier for family members to get ready with their outfits in the morning.

The metal fixtures

Using different types of metal for various fixtures can add a more intriguing and interesting look in your bathroom. People touch their faucets many times each day so it makes sense to get ones that both look and feel good by installing chrome, copper or brass. For a brighter and more luxurious appearance, put in a gold-plated shower fixture and towel racks instead of chrome.

There are teams of a bathroom remodel designers dedicated to helping homeowners customize their living spaces. Never hesitate to seek assistance when considering a bathroom remodeling project to achieve the most appealing and comfortable look possible.

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