Master Electricians Can Help You Turn the Light on a Better Mood

When it comes to their mood, people are often surprised to find that something as simple as the environment in which they are located in can have a huge effect. Scientists have found that the music one listens to, the ambient sounds of a room and even the colours of the wall or lights within a room can have a positive or negative effect on the mood, bringing great joy or seeding the room’s occupant spiralling into a state of melancholy. Lately, as people have been changing the lights both in their homes and in the office, master electricians have been taking note on just how the colours of these lights can affect a person’s mood. In studies conducted by Ohio University and the Salk Institute researchers found that master electricians were not simply cashing in on a consumer trend but that there was a legitimate scientific connection between the colour of light in a room and the mood of the people within.

Blue is Bad

According to the research conducted by the scientists at the above institutions, the human eye is especially sensitive to light of a blue or white hue. Extensive exposure to these colours can lead to depression like symptoms in individuals. As such, many offices are now switching over to newer, non-fluorescent lights, in an attempt to lighten the mood in the workplace and increase productivity.

Red is Righteous

If you were to ask a master electrician the most common colour to be installed in clubs and restaurants, venues that are meant to make people feel happy and relaxed, he or she would probably tell you that this colour is red. In a recent study conducted by the Salk Institute, scientists found that people’s eyes react well to red light, especially come night fall. Out of all of the colours studied by the institute, red was shown to be the least likely to kill a person’s mood. Scientists at the Salk Institute now suggest that nightlight users forgo use of blue or white lights and stick to red, as it is a more psychologically appealing colour.

Those who are looking to improve the mood in their home via lighting but don’t want that newly improved vibe to be brought down by the strain of an empty wallet due to installation costs and a rising electric bill should have a talk with one of the local highly related master electricians.

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