Top 9 Tips to Avoid Christmas Fire Hazards

Christmas is around the corner. You must be busy preparing celebration plans, doing shopping, baking ginger bread cookies and decorating your home with dazzling lights. After all, it is the season of celebrations, decorations and enjoyment. However, it is also a high time of fires related accidents.

According to U.S Fire Administration (USFA), the number of residential fires is doubled on Christmas Day than on an average day. The fires occurred during the holiday season are more deadly and costly than at any other time of the year. So, fire safety measures should be taken into consideration to keep you and your beloved ones safe.

Here are the few tips to protect your home and loved ones from fire hazards during this holiday season.

Take care of your Christmas tree

Buy a fresh tree and maintain its freshness by making a cut on the base of the tree before putting it into a sturdy stand. Keep it hydrated by watering it regularly. Don’t keep it close to the source of heat. Avoid using candles to lighten up.

No matter how well you water it, it will dry out after few days. So, take it out immediately after holidays. Artificial tree is much safer than real tree but make sure it is flame retardant.

Inspect your lights

Your home looks beautiful when you decorate it with lights during holiday season. While doing that, make sure you inspect the lights. If the wires and sockets are damaged, fix them quickly. Don’t plug more than three strands to prevent overheating and always check the safety label such as UL (Underwriter’s labs) or FM (Factory mutual). Take them down after holidays as they get damaged by weather.

Have a fire escape plan

Plan in advance on what you would do in the event of fire. Arrange smoke detectors in each sleeping room of your home.

Don’t burn the Christmas tree and wrapping paper

Don’t burn the Christmas tree and wrapping paper to dispose them because it can clog the chimney and spread the fire as an ash.

Inspect extension cords

Check your extension cords to ensure they are laboratory-approved. Never tape and run them under rugs. Don’t overload your electrical outlets. If a fuse or a circuit trip blows, that means it is overloaded.

Decorate Your Christmas tree safely

Avoid taping, stapling and tacking decoration ornaments into wiring, when you decorate your Christmas tree.

Cook Carefully

Cooking is one of the top causes of holiday fires. You tend to cook more dishes using more stoves at once. Keep an eye on hot surfaces and overflowing pots. Avoid using a turkey deep fryer indoors.

It is quite easy to get distracted from cooking. You leave the kitchen heating oil in the pan, when your husband calls you and completely forget you have something on your stove. Don’t leave cooking food unattended.

Be careful with Candles

Maintain a foot of space between candle and combustible things. Always set candles on sturdy base and cover them with hurricane globes. Don’t forget to blow out candles before going to bed. LED candles are the best option for worry free atmosphere.

Keep an Eye on Your Kids

A lighter or a candle is more deadly than a revolver in the hands of kid. So, don’t let your children play with flammable things.

We hope you will follow above safety tips to have safe holidays. Teteelight Electrical Services of Kansas, Missouri wishes you a safe and merry Christmas.

The Advantages of Natural Stone Bathroom Tiles

Known for their aesthetic value and all around good looks stone tiles made from natural stone are becoming quite popular. These naturally occurring stones, or pebbles as they are sometimes called, come from riverbeds or places where they have been polished to a smooth finish by running water after they have been collected they are molded into a slab with the required shape according to what the customer wants and later installed relatively easily. They have a great-looking finish and are used on floors and also counters, pavements, and even on some walls. Glass mosaic tiles are also used for these purposes and have inherent advantages. Although they are interchangeable in some uses, they have a few disadvantages. They include;

1. The pebble tiles come in many different colors sizes and shapes as well as a varying texture; that makes it better in some ways than the glass mosaic. The glass tile however can be modified to fit most needs.

2. The pebble tiles will wear less and last longer than the glass tile because of the fact that it is not as brittle and not as likely to chip. Heat and other elements of nature will have less of an effect on the natural stone.

3. Natural stone tile as well as the glass mosaic tiles have both been used for centuries, however the stone tiles still stand out as a fashionable finish. They have never gone out of style and they complement just about any type of interior finish you want to use.

4. Natural stone tiles are very affordable and easy to maintain while the glass mosaic tiles are more expensive and require more work to maintain. Excessive cleaning of the tiles just results in re-polishing the pebbles while the glass tiles are easier to scratch and that makes them look worn.

5. Even though the glass tiles can be found in a wide variety of colors they don’t have the warm colors of the stone tiles. The warm colors of the tile are more homey and inviting. This is why the stone tiles are used more often in households, offices and conference centers where a warm serenity is desired.

6. Due to its versatility stone tiles are a sought-after commodity. The immeasurable capability of the stone tiles to be molded into almost any configuration including pavement slabs, kitchen slabs, and floor and bathroom tiling make it very popular.

7. Because they are naturally occurring stone tiles are always available and easy to find, while the glass tiles are harder to find and sometimes need to be pre-ordered before you start on your project.

Although we have been talking about the advantages of stone tiles over glass tiles you need to take the application into consideration. Depending on the rest of the bathroom the glass tiles may just look better.

5 Top Tips When Doing Your Kitchen And Bathroom Renovation

Many homeowners who often do their kitchen and bathroom renovation sometimes lack information on what to do and how to go about it. With the correct information in hand, you will always know what to do and ensure you are making that right choice of products that you may need. Here are some kitchen and bathroom renovation tips that may help when going through the process:

1. Choose a reputable kitchen and bathroom remodeling company.

When you wish to renovate your kitchen and bathroom, it is important to understand the procedure that is required to complete the work in a satisfactory manner. How should you do this? It is important to research the company you’ve chosen and to read the reviews of their previous work. Particularly if you select a company from an online list of companies

Through reading the reviews online, it will give you a better understanding of their work ethics and allow you to make an informed choice. If you are careful with your research, you will be in a better position to hire a reputable company that would offer you excellent services..

2. Experience of the company

With so many companies providing the best kitchen and bathroom remodeling and renovation services, it is important to choose those with a good reputation when you do acquire these services. Be careful of hiring companies who have no accreditation. Research is the key to selecting the right company for your renovation or remodeling project.

3. The cost of their kitchen and bathroom remodeling and renovation services

Since many companies often offer these services in the market, it would be wise to do the research on the cost of these services before you make a selection. Through the comparison on the cost of these services, you will be in a position to make an informed decision when looking for these companies. Sometimes the cheapest price is not always the best one for the job. Selecting the right company for the job may allow considerable saving on the whole project.

4. The efficiency of their services

When looking at these services, it is important to select the company that will offer you high quality services at a reasonable rate to ensure that the renovation would improve the looks of your home. It is important to read any reviews of their previous customers as it will allow you to gauge their efficiency before you decide to hire their services. You should also have a set plan for your renovations.

5. Get assistance from home experts

If you have little idea on how to choose the best kitchen and bathroom remodeling company, you may be wise to seek help from home design experts. With their experience, they will help you understand what to do when making that choice.

It is important to have a clear idea of what work you wish to have done before choosing a company to carry out your kitchen and bathroom renovations.

The Variety Of Cables And Wires, That Are Available In The Market

With new technologies and inventions taking the world by storm, the electrical wiring industry has branched out to include a variety of cables that cater to various needs. Ordinary cables have a pair of copper or aluminum wires along with an outer protective sheath for insulation purposes. The higher end cables that are specifically designed for transmitting greater capacity of power have multiple insulated wires, encased in synthetic polymers. Although the world of cables and wires is exhaustive, for the purpose of convenience, they are classified into four different segments as per their use and construction. Coaxial cables, twisted pair cables, shielded cables and ribbon cables are the four different categories, under which cables are classified.

Coaxial cables are electrical cables that have been extensively used for transmitting energy and signals to television units. Constructed with a copper conductor, this type of cable has four layers of metallic tape and metallic braid for insulation. To add to its durability, the entire wire is further enclosed in a protective jacket. These cables were initially used for networking computer units, but now, they are also used for transmitting signals to audio and video equipment. Coaxial cables are flexible and due their durable quality, they last longer than other cables. RG/6, leaky cable, twin axial, Bi-axial, hard line and semi-rigid are various types of coaxial cables.

The Twisted pair variety of cables comprises of a set of insulated color coded copper wires which are twisted together to form a single cable. The number of wires and the gauge size used is subject to change as per the appliance. These wires are more effective in reducing electrical interference, which makes them efficient for telephone cabling.

Shielded cables are wires that are covered in a metallic foil with individual wires, encased in a light metal case. As these wires are shielded, there are minimal chances of radiation of electromagnetic waves, which directly impacts the noise emitted by the appliances that use them. Compared to coaxial cables and optical fibers, these wires are less effective in transmitting signals, since the process needs to be repeated for far distances. Hence, their efficiency usage is limited to electrical house wiring alone.

Known as flat twin electric cables, ribbon cables comprise of multiple wires that are insulated and are placed, parallel to each other. They are mainly used for networking purposes in computers. Enclosed in an aluminum foil casing, shielded cables are used as power cables for transmitting electricity to large appliances. They comprise of two insulated wires in a woven braid construction, that is crafted to offer stability and clarity in transmission. Its foiled construction allows it to send better signals, by resisting the radio interference from external elements. These cables comprise of 12-14 individual wires designed in a ribbon-like formation, for simultaneous transmission of data.

Mixing Textures Within My Bathroom Design

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used areas of the house. When it comes time to remodel, it is an excellent place to begin, and usually the room most in need of an upgrade. When making changes, many people wonder whether to maintain a consistent approach or if it is a good idea to mix textures. There is no rule that says you can’t mix, in fact, it’s likely that you will find more fun in the ability to expand your options with the use of texture. Using a combination of different materials and textures when making changes to the walls, flooring and fixtures will result in a customization that better reveals your own personality and style.

The flooring

When considering the bathroom flooring, try checking out the many options available in laminate. The many looks available in this material include a standard tile or a piece of real wood. Manufacturers have added details to the faux wood design so that they may appear distressed with wormholes and knots in the grain. Another benefit of laminate is the various shapes and sizes that are available. Whether it’s long planks or squares, because it is water-resistant, it will hold up to the heavy foot traffic that the bathroom sees. Other flooring options include the fun springy feel of rubber or mold-resistant cork. Carpeting can be considered for wall-to-wall or just as a spot rug to add a touch of color and will prove to be more durable than a common bath mat.

The walls

Updating your drab walls to better reflect your sense of style can be as simple as a change of color or the inclusion of some wallpaper. The multi-functional option of installing large mirrors will make your bathroom space feel more opened up and make it easier for family members to get ready with their outfits in the morning.

The metal fixtures

Using different types of metal for various fixtures can add a more intriguing and interesting look in your bathroom. People touch their faucets many times each day so it makes sense to get ones that both look and feel good by installing chrome, copper or brass. For a brighter and more luxurious appearance, put in a gold-plated shower fixture and towel racks instead of chrome.

There are teams of a bathroom remodel designers dedicated to helping homeowners customize their living spaces. Never hesitate to seek assistance when considering a bathroom remodeling project to achieve the most appealing and comfortable look possible.