Space-Saving Cabinet Design in Smaller Kitchens

For many people, the idea of a dream kitchen conjures up images of a vast space, bright and airy, and with enough storage space to ensure there is never any clutter. While this may be the fantasy, the reality is that, for most of us, the kitchen will often be smaller than we would prefer.

That doesn’t mean that it can’t still be an inviting, clutter-free space that we still want to cook and socialize in as often as we can. To help achieve this, bespoke cabinet design performs two roles.

By adding real beauty that perfectly suits the style of your home and incorporating innovative storage concepts that help maximize space, custom cabinet design has already helped countless homeowners to stop wishing for a larger kitchen.

By taking advantage of smartly designed cabinets and utilizing other space-saving tips, even the smallest kitchens can be made to look and feel more spacious than they really are.

The space race

Incorporating innovations such as diagonally sliding corner drawers or pullout shelves means bespoke cabinet design can already maximize the kitchen space available. However, to really make the most of what you have, it’s a good idea to occasionally see if you really need it all.

By going through your utensils and appliances with a critical eye and removing what you haven’t used for a long time or are unlikely to use again, the space saved can be put to far better use by items that are currently cluttering your countertops.

However full your cabinets may be, they will never make your kitchen feel small. Visible clutter will. Ensuring no space is wasted in your cabinetry will help to keep your smaller kitchen more orderly, which in turn helps with the feeling of space.

Countering clutter

While bespoke cabinet design can help to boost storage space, and only storing what you need helps to maximize it further, it may still be impossible to fit everything in there. For clutter still left on the countertop of a smaller kitchen, other space-saving methods may be necessary.

Bare walls can certainly help to create a feeling of space in a kitchen when everything else is in order, but sometimes they are better utilized as an extra storage option.

Pot racks can be wall mounted to help keep countertops uncluttered while similar solutions can be found for utensils and other items. Metallic strips for knives are unobtrusive and safe while small wooden shelves can be used for spice jars.

Finding alternative storage spaces for as many items as possible will keep your smaller kitchen looking as spacious as it can, helping to accentuate the bespoke cabinet design even further.

Cabinetry that conceals

Whether bespoke cabinet design or not, the primary use of any cabinetry is to conceal and keep your kitchen tidy. For most people, this means appliances and utensils. However, with uniquely imagined features bringing more versatility to modern kitchen designs, it’s now possible to add larger pieces of furniture to smaller kitchens.

Alcoves built into a counter can turn it into a part-time breakfast bar, with the stools concealed when not in use. Cabinet design is also seeing more roll-out cabinets or tables that can be put back in their own recess when not in use. Wall-mounted drop-down tables are another great space-saving idea that can be incorporated in the bespoke cabinets of a smaller kitchen.

While many people’s vast, bright and airy dream kitchen may not yet be a reality for them, there’s no reason why a smaller space has to be any more cluttered. With the innovation brought by bespoke cabinet design and the implementation of a few further space-saving tips, even the smallest kitchens can be made into places you’ll want to cook and socialize in as much as possible.

Five Things to Think About When Shopping for Granite Countertops

Though they used to be associated only with very expensive houses, granite countertops have become a popular option for many homes. They are a sure sign that the homeowner is a style-conscious individual. To shop responsibly, you need to be granite-conscious because not all counters are created equal.

Machine Fabrication vs. Hand Fabrication

Stone can be worked by hand or by machine. A handcrafted finish provides a better quality product with a more expensive price tag. Machine fabrication is the faster option, but the machines fail to polish the edges as well as a trained professional. Some companies will compensate for rougher edges by waxing them, but the wax will eventually wear off. These rules may vary depending on the credibility of the company.

Though wax wears off over time, a waxed edge will cost you less money. Also, many companies that machine fabricate their stone will have an employee hand-polish it after it is cut to ensure a high-quality product. As a customer, you should be informed about how the material is processed.

Ask About Installation

Some of the larger warehouse-style suppliers do not fabricate their own stones nor do they install the finished products. They are simply suppliers for other stores, contractors, or wholesale buyers. If you are looking for a company that installs their granite countertops, you should ask before you shop.


Seams are the lines where one piece of stone meets another. Granite countertops can be fabricated individually, then assembled or vice versa. The edges will look better if it is assembled first, but this is more difficult for the craftsperson, which means it will be more expensive. It is important to ask if your craftsperson uses a suction-automated machine to install seams. It levels the seams better by holding the granite in place during fabrication.


Typically, counters are around two or three centimeters thick. For a kitchen application, you should insist on three-centimeter granite. Two-centimeter thick stone is 70% more likely to break. Bathroom applications, on the other hand, tend to be smaller, so the thinner, less expensive stone should be fine.

Two-inch (or five-centimeter) pieces are also available though they are less common and quite expensive. They are desired for the ability to build a contoured edge with the increased amount of space.

Another consideration is color. Darker colored stone is typically easier to find in thicker slabs. Due to its mineral composition, this natural material comes in a variety of colors and can be customizable to your design plan.


This is the amount of the material that hangs over the edge of the counter’s base. Overhang is popular for uses such as kitchen islands, because it is an easy way to create more space. If you pick a thinner slab of stone, however, you might need to brace underneath the overhang to prevent it from breaking.

Granite countertops have quickly become one of the most popular options for kitchens and bathrooms. Though they might all seem similar, these differences can affect price, appearance, and durability.

Don’t Overlook Laminate Countertops for Value and Beauty

Laminate is made from multiple layers of kraft paper soaked in resin to form a solid core. This is topped with a printed pattern sheet and finished with a durable melamine resin layer to protect everything below it. Heat and pressure then bond the materials together to form the finished product. The result is a 1/16 inch laminate sheet used for countertops or a 1/32 inch vertical grain sheet used for cabinet drawer faces, doors, and backsplashes.

When affixed to flat sheets of plywood or particleboard or used to create a post-formed counter, a one piece backsplash and counter, the product is easy to install in creative configurations that fit any space. Your fabricator can add an undermount sink with a special sealer that will protect the particleboard core and eliminate brown edge lines that develop on some laminates.

The Pros and Cons of Laminate Countertops

Laminate counters remain popular because they are attractive, durable, and easy to clean. On average, the installed cost is about $21.75 per square foot, with a range of $16.13 to $27.13 – a fraction of the cost of granite or other materials.

Good quality laminate has clarity of patterns and depth of color due to new printing technologies, and even comes in finishes that replicate wood or stone. Many patterns of laminate popular in the 1950s have been reissued, which makes the product an excellent choice for mid-century homes and other installations that want to capture a retro look with all the advantages of modern laminate technology.

The disadvantage of laminate is that it can burn from a hot pan, and cutting directly on the surface can leave scratch marks. The best way to coexist with and enjoy laminate countertops is to protect the surface before cutting or placing hot pans on it.

When you watch home shows on TV or read home remodeling blogs, you may pick up another disadvantage of laminate countertops, namely that they do not stand out when you are trying to sell your house. It is true that many people love to see natural stone countertops in a property they are considering, but that is an upgrade they can make later. As long as your laminate countertops are attractive and in good condition, they may not add the value that granite does, but they do not detract from the value either. The fact is that laminate countertops offer great appearance and durability as long as you treat them with care.

Install Laminate Countertops With Pride

If you are planning a kitchen remodel, don’t overlook the beauty, durability, and value of laminate countertops. Call an expert for installation on a wide range of natural stone, engineered, and laminate countertops.

The Best Products That You Need for Your Kitchen

If you love spending time in your kitchen, you are bound to want the best of products to give you company through your cooking spells. It is not the easiest things to do, mind you – it requires a lot of planning and deciding on the best of things that you need for your daily needs. What better way than to look up the best products of each of the items you need and then go ahead with a purchase. So, based on your work in the kitchen – you need to think about the products you need.

1. Microwave oven: The best and most used item in your kitchen would be your microwave oven. There are so many times you use this on a daily basis, right from heating water to getting your food ready. If you have the knack for it, get ready to have the entire cook book prepared. Right from leftovers to nutmeg cookies, you can go the complete nine yards. There are different kinds of foods you can make and for each time, you can have a distinct style to it also. The entire convenience factor that comes in when you are using a microwave oven is tremendous – to not use your stove for every tiny heating requirement is a huge advantage that can save you tonnes of time and bring down that gas bill too.

2. Compact refrigerators: This probably the most important electronic item that you need in your home. You have to constantly run to it repeatedly if you have your refrigerator anywhere other than your kitchen. It has to be small enough to get cooling done quickly because you are bound to keep opening your fridge through the day, and the day you plan to make a dessert, it could really make you wait. The added advantage is that they take lesser energy giving you lower bills.

3. Coffee and tea maker: There is nothing as convenient as having a coffee and tea maker in the kitchen to give you a happy cup of piping hot beverage. It is the winning combination for every argument as you would always find peace with a cup of coffee. Add this to a busy weekday morning and you are sure to want a drink that would charge you up to keep you through the day. Be it a quick coffee that has to come to your rescue or even if you need coffee through the day, you would have it in an instant. Not just that, you would have various kinds of coffee that you can make and all the possible flavours and tastes can be added on. Never go to a coffee shop again!

4. Chimney Exhaust: If you really like your food fried or with a lot of spice, it would be a great addition to have a chimney exhaust installed above your cooking range. It would make working in the kitchen so easy and the fact that you can get the kitchen smoke free would be a delight for sure.

5. Hand blender: With the right hand blender all your work would be done in a jiffy. Right from working on the quickest tasks in the kitchen to having your purees made, you would have the ease of getting them all done by just using a hand blender. Forget about having to use anything else to chop all your vegetables or even get your refreshing juice prepared! A hand blender would make all the work for you in a flash.

6. Mixer grinder: We all need a mixer grinder in an Indian kitchen. We need this in the most basic needs of food preparation and it would be a huge advantage if you are keen on getting grinding or shredding anything vegetable, nuts, coconut kernels and so on. When you are choosing a grinder at home you need one that would be able to give you the best services and thus give you all the different kind of ingredients for your meal. With the new kind of grinders, you can knead dough and even make the best of purees. It would be a complete package for your kitchen.

There is no doubt that you need a fixed set of appliances for your kitchen especially if you are keen on setting up one for commercial use. With the help of new products of these sorts, you are today able to get superior products like never before for your kitchen. So, when are you renovating your kitchen?

5 Top Tips When Doing Your Kitchen And Bathroom Renovation

Many homeowners who often do their kitchen and bathroom renovation sometimes lack information on what to do and how to go about it. With the correct information in hand, you will always know what to do and ensure you are making that right choice of products that you may need. Here are some kitchen and bathroom renovation tips that may help when going through the process:

1. Choose a reputable kitchen and bathroom remodeling company.

When you wish to renovate your kitchen and bathroom, it is important to understand the procedure that is required to complete the work in a satisfactory manner. How should you do this? It is important to research the company you’ve chosen and to read the reviews of their previous work. Particularly if you select a company from an online list of companies

Through reading the reviews online, it will give you a better understanding of their work ethics and allow you to make an informed choice. If you are careful with your research, you will be in a better position to hire a reputable company that would offer you excellent services..

2. Experience of the company

With so many companies providing the best kitchen and bathroom remodeling and renovation services, it is important to choose those with a good reputation when you do acquire these services. Be careful of hiring companies who have no accreditation. Research is the key to selecting the right company for your renovation or remodeling project.

3. The cost of their kitchen and bathroom remodeling and renovation services

Since many companies often offer these services in the market, it would be wise to do the research on the cost of these services before you make a selection. Through the comparison on the cost of these services, you will be in a position to make an informed decision when looking for these companies. Sometimes the cheapest price is not always the best one for the job. Selecting the right company for the job may allow considerable saving on the whole project.

4. The efficiency of their services

When looking at these services, it is important to select the company that will offer you high quality services at a reasonable rate to ensure that the renovation would improve the looks of your home. It is important to read any reviews of their previous customers as it will allow you to gauge their efficiency before you decide to hire their services. You should also have a set plan for your renovations.

5. Get assistance from home experts

If you have little idea on how to choose the best kitchen and bathroom remodeling company, you may be wise to seek help from home design experts. With their experience, they will help you understand what to do when making that choice.

It is important to have a clear idea of what work you wish to have done before choosing a company to carry out your kitchen and bathroom renovations.