Shower Curtain – Focus Point of Bathroom

A fabric shower curtain can give your bathroom an inviting look and feel. The materials available for this must-have in the bath come in a wide array of colors and styles. You can choose from any of the various fabrics for the bath to make a cohesive look for your room.

Regular curtains for the shower that are usually made of plastic can appear cold and uninviting. Adding a fabric curtain over this type of unattractive plastic version can do wonders for your space. There are many options for achieving just about any look you would want for your space.

Lace is a favorite material for many people who love an antique look in their home. The Victorian elegance is captured in intricate details and fine quality stitching in this kind of shower curtain. Adding lace right over a shower liner will provide texture and interest to the space.

I chose a sheer lace fabric curtain as an overlay. There are antique elements to the look of this peace and nice little details in the small roses crafted out of materials and sewn into the lace by hand. I choose different liners for different seasons and this addition changes the entire look of the room.

Spring is a great time to add some light into your bathroom. If you use a lace shower curtain you can add a pale yellow liner to welcome this time of year. Other great spring colors include light green and shades of pink for a more feminine feel in the room.

Summer also beckons color but you can really go bold during this time of year. I like to add bright blues and striking greens to my fabric curtain. The colors show right through the lace making the entire space bright and cheerful.

Fall is my favorite time of year and I can’t wait to add soft browns and oranges to the space. My lace shower curtain plays well with these basic tones and I feel that fall hasn’t truly arrived until I see the changing leaves reflected in my bath. The fabric curtain is perfect for this time of year.

Winter reminds us of the approaching holiday season. Red is the perfect color for this time of year. The color is warm and inviting and it goes well with this season. The white lace fabric shower curtain lets the warm red shine through all winter long.

No matter what time of year you can be sure that a fabric shower curtain will add style and sophistication to your space.

Shower Doors Can Give Your Bathroom a Unique Look

Did you know that shower doors are available with features that allow you to create a unique design in your bathroom? Most home improvement stores will have several styles on display so you can get an idea of how a particular design may look in your space. You may also find some tools online that help you choose different options to build your own shower design. Consider just a few of the features you may choose from to set your bathroom apart:

Framed or Frameless:

Many modern designs of shower doors are frameless, meaning that there is not a frame surrounding the shower enclosure. The glass enclosure is mounted directly to the wall, allowing for a sleek, smooth look. The glass is a thicker and more architecturally sound structure since there is no frame supporting it. You will still have the ability to customize your look with the hardware design for the handle and hinges.

For a framed enclosure, you can pick from different painted enamel and traditional metal finishes. They are usually less expensive than frameless doors. This type is better at holding water due to the metal structure. Framed styles also allow you to choose from more glass options, so you have the ability to create more of a unique design.

Glass Texture and Color:

Clear glass is the most widely used and can be used in both framed and frameless styles. Most of the different options for glass texture and color will be options for framed shower doors. Frosted glass is a popular option for many designs, made by etching into one side of the glass. It allows for soft light to pass through and doesn’t completely block your vision inside or outside the enclosure. Low iron glass has a less greenish tint than regular glass, allowing for greater clarity and more light passing through. Some glass may be tinted in different shades. Embossing and etched designs such as swirls or waves are available as well.

Door Type

You might have the option of choosing a unique door type, depending on your bathroom layout and shower design. Just a few choices include:

– A corner door that is flat or rounded
– Curved glass
– Folding or sliding doors for larger openings
– Glass screen
– Steam door

Your shower doors are just one component of a beautiful bathroom design that can be both functional and beautiful. Research the many options you have available at home stores and online before making your remodeling decisions.

The Main Advantages of Owning a Walk In Tub

Why Invest In A Walk In Bathtub

There are many advantages of investing in a walk in tub. Everyone enjoys a warm and soothing shower and neither age nor disability should come in a person’s way of enjoying shower time. In order to make those shower moments soothing, safe and comfortable you should consider incorporating a walk in bathtub on your next bathroom remodeling project.

A walk in tubs for seniors comes in handy if you have an individual in your home with limited mobility. Most tubs are designed in such a way that it’s hard and dangerous for someone to get in. However these walk-in tubs are designed in ways that they offer safe access and other comfortable features which help prevent slips and falls. The bathing experience will be less of a struggle once you install the walk-in tub in an elderly person’s home.

A walk in shower tub can also be designed to provide massage and hydrotherapy to the user. There are those tubs which are equipped with a powerful system of jets which gently massages the skin. The water system is designed in such a way that it targets specific muscle groups like the feet, lower back and hips. These shower systems are an excellent option for people who are suffering from arthritis and joint problems. This is because the buoyancy of water reduces significantly giving one an experience soothing, rejuvenating and relieving pressure on the joints.

The amazing benefits of a walk in shower

Most people consider bathroom remodeling because of the health benefits of spas and high quality tubs. Whenever you shower, the warm water opens the skin pores and hydrates the skin. Most of these walk-in bathtubs are designed with special jets to make water flow on your skin in such a way that it enhances the circulation of blood. When oxygen is supplied adequately all over the body, it helps to enhance the body’s metabolic function and get rid of toxins. High quality bathtubs can create a state of total relaxation which enhances better sleep. The spas are also shown to boost heart health and lower blood pressure.

Lastly, like any other bathroom remodeling project, installing a walk-in tub in your home will certainly boost property value. Should you ever want to sell your home, this new installation can become a major selling point. Not many homes have walk-in tub so this will give you a better edge when it is time to sell your property.

The Advantages of Natural Stone Bathroom Tiles

Known for their aesthetic value and all around good looks stone tiles made from natural stone are becoming quite popular. These naturally occurring stones, or pebbles as they are sometimes called, come from riverbeds or places where they have been polished to a smooth finish by running water after they have been collected they are molded into a slab with the required shape according to what the customer wants and later installed relatively easily. They have a great-looking finish and are used on floors and also counters, pavements, and even on some walls. Glass mosaic tiles are also used for these purposes and have inherent advantages. Although they are interchangeable in some uses, they have a few disadvantages. They include;

1. The pebble tiles come in many different colors sizes and shapes as well as a varying texture; that makes it better in some ways than the glass mosaic. The glass tile however can be modified to fit most needs.

2. The pebble tiles will wear less and last longer than the glass tile because of the fact that it is not as brittle and not as likely to chip. Heat and other elements of nature will have less of an effect on the natural stone.

3. Natural stone tile as well as the glass mosaic tiles have both been used for centuries, however the stone tiles still stand out as a fashionable finish. They have never gone out of style and they complement just about any type of interior finish you want to use.

4. Natural stone tiles are very affordable and easy to maintain while the glass mosaic tiles are more expensive and require more work to maintain. Excessive cleaning of the tiles just results in re-polishing the pebbles while the glass tiles are easier to scratch and that makes them look worn.

5. Even though the glass tiles can be found in a wide variety of colors they don’t have the warm colors of the stone tiles. The warm colors of the tile are more homey and inviting. This is why the stone tiles are used more often in households, offices and conference centers where a warm serenity is desired.

6. Due to its versatility stone tiles are a sought-after commodity. The immeasurable capability of the stone tiles to be molded into almost any configuration including pavement slabs, kitchen slabs, and floor and bathroom tiling make it very popular.

7. Because they are naturally occurring stone tiles are always available and easy to find, while the glass tiles are harder to find and sometimes need to be pre-ordered before you start on your project.

Although we have been talking about the advantages of stone tiles over glass tiles you need to take the application into consideration. Depending on the rest of the bathroom the glass tiles may just look better.

Mixing Textures Within My Bathroom Design

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used areas of the house. When it comes time to remodel, it is an excellent place to begin, and usually the room most in need of an upgrade. When making changes, many people wonder whether to maintain a consistent approach or if it is a good idea to mix textures. There is no rule that says you can’t mix, in fact, it’s likely that you will find more fun in the ability to expand your options with the use of texture. Using a combination of different materials and textures when making changes to the walls, flooring and fixtures will result in a customization that better reveals your own personality and style.

The flooring

When considering the bathroom flooring, try checking out the many options available in laminate. The many looks available in this material include a standard tile or a piece of real wood. Manufacturers have added details to the faux wood design so that they may appear distressed with wormholes and knots in the grain. Another benefit of laminate is the various shapes and sizes that are available. Whether it’s long planks or squares, because it is water-resistant, it will hold up to the heavy foot traffic that the bathroom sees. Other flooring options include the fun springy feel of rubber or mold-resistant cork. Carpeting can be considered for wall-to-wall or just as a spot rug to add a touch of color and will prove to be more durable than a common bath mat.

The walls

Updating your drab walls to better reflect your sense of style can be as simple as a change of color or the inclusion of some wallpaper. The multi-functional option of installing large mirrors will make your bathroom space feel more opened up and make it easier for family members to get ready with their outfits in the morning.

The metal fixtures

Using different types of metal for various fixtures can add a more intriguing and interesting look in your bathroom. People touch their faucets many times each day so it makes sense to get ones that both look and feel good by installing chrome, copper or brass. For a brighter and more luxurious appearance, put in a gold-plated shower fixture and towel racks instead of chrome.

There are teams of a bathroom remodel designers dedicated to helping homeowners customize their living spaces. Never hesitate to seek assistance when considering a bathroom remodeling project to achieve the most appealing and comfortable look possible.