Don’t Overlook Laminate Countertops for Value and Beauty

Laminate is made from multiple layers of kraft paper soaked in resin to form a solid core. This is topped with a printed pattern sheet and finished with a durable melamine resin layer to protect everything below it. Heat and pressure then bond the materials together to form the finished product. The result is a 1/16 inch laminate sheet used for countertops or a 1/32 inch vertical grain sheet used for cabinet drawer faces, doors, and backsplashes.

When affixed to flat sheets of plywood or particleboard or used to create a post-formed counter, a one piece backsplash and counter, the product is easy to install in creative configurations that fit any space. Your fabricator can add an undermount sink with a special sealer that will protect the particleboard core and eliminate brown edge lines that develop on some laminates.

The Pros and Cons of Laminate Countertops

Laminate counters remain popular because they are attractive, durable, and easy to clean. On average, the installed cost is about $21.75 per square foot, with a range of $16.13 to $27.13 – a fraction of the cost of granite or other materials.

Good quality laminate has clarity of patterns and depth of color due to new printing technologies, and even comes in finishes that replicate wood or stone. Many patterns of laminate popular in the 1950s have been reissued, which makes the product an excellent choice for mid-century homes and other installations that want to capture a retro look with all the advantages of modern laminate technology.

The disadvantage of laminate is that it can burn from a hot pan, and cutting directly on the surface can leave scratch marks. The best way to coexist with and enjoy laminate countertops is to protect the surface before cutting or placing hot pans on it.

When you watch home shows on TV or read home remodeling blogs, you may pick up another disadvantage of laminate countertops, namely that they do not stand out when you are trying to sell your house. It is true that many people love to see natural stone countertops in a property they are considering, but that is an upgrade they can make later. As long as your laminate countertops are attractive and in good condition, they may not add the value that granite does, but they do not detract from the value either. The fact is that laminate countertops offer great appearance and durability as long as you treat them with care.

Install Laminate Countertops With Pride

If you are planning a kitchen remodel, don’t overlook the beauty, durability, and value of laminate countertops. Call an expert for installation on a wide range of natural stone, engineered, and laminate countertops.

How To Decorate Your Home With Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is becoming increasingly popular in homes and for good reason. The end result of this type is nothing short of luxurious. There are several ways in which polished concrete can be used to elevate the aesthetics of your house.

Read on to find out how you can incorporate polished concrete into your house to make it look more elegant and stylish.

Concrete Flooring

Polishing is a great way to improve the overall look of your house. One of the most popular methods of this flooring is diamond grinding. Polishing machines with diamond abrasives and a resin matrix are used to polish it when the floor is used by the diamond grinding method.

When they have been polished with the diamond grinding technique, you are left with a surface that is smooth and shiny. Polishing is being opted for increasingly because it is a very cost efficient way of mimicking the look of natural stone like marble and granite.

Coloring concrete flooring with stains is also a great way to make it look appealing. With acid staining, people will never have to deal with boring and dull solid-colored cement floors again! The possibilities with staining are almost endless. When stained concrete is polished, the floor not only becomes more attractive but also looks more personalized.

Concrete Countertops

Installing countertops is one of the most common ways in which people incorporate polished concrete into their homes. Counters are becoming popular among homes for a number of reasons. Countertops, like flooring, can be stained to exhibit designs and patterns of your liking. Being the most prominent part of a kitchen, people love different counters because of their ability to be personalized and designed in almost any way.

As in the case of concrete flooring, when concrete countertops are polished, they too have seamlessly shiny surfaces which not only look luxurious, but add to the appeal and aesthetics of kitchens.

Concrete Furniture

Whether furniture is needed for the bathroom, or for kitchens, this kind of furniture can be used anywhere. Technology has allowed concrete furniture to become not only more light weight, but also an extremely durable addition to the interior of homes. Owing to years of research, it is now even possible to customize and personalize concrete furniture in a way that it does not look too rigid or uncomfortable. When the furniture is polished, the final result is really spectacular! I hope this new information will helped you be more knowledgeable to make practical decisions for your liking.

Finding The Best Selection Of Pools, Layouts And Designs

Backyard pools can make a fantastic addition to many households and properties. In addition to the opportunities to enjoy outdoor fun, relaxation and a variety of activities pools can have a tremendous impact on the market value of a home. Designers and installation services that offer a wider range of options to choose from can provide homeowners with an easier way to improve or upgrade their property.

Even smaller pools, hot tubs and modest installations often require considerable expense. Investing in pools that have been poorly designed, fail to compliment their surroundings or lack the style and features that may be available can be a serious misstep. For property owners seeking the best results, it pays to do business with a designer that has more to offer.

While many homeowners may be perfectly happy to choose from among a range of existing designs and layouts, custom made pools can often be a better choice. Determining the exact size, layout and dimensions of an installation can provide a number of important benefits. For homeowners who may be less than pleased with existing layouts, custom made pools and installation options can often provide the best solution.

Quality installation services are not a concern that homeowners can afford to take lightly. Shoddy workmanship, poorly made designed and issues with the installation process can lead to no end of future headaches and additional expenses. The best installation services can provide homeowners with the peace of mind that only superior results are able to offer.

With plenty of designers, equipment options and installation services available, finding the right options can seem like a real challenge. Possessing greater insight regarding the features, level of service and quality of results that only the best designers can offer can make quite a difference. Knowing enough to choose the right installation option can be an essential concern.

Finding the right layout or having pools designed to custom specifications can be very beneficial when it comes to creating a more attractive exterior or outdoor environment. Home improvement efforts and upgrade projects that are limited in scope are rarely able to provide the level of value and satisfaction that property owners may be seeking. Doing business with the right service options can make a world of difference.

Online research can allow homeowners to more quickly and easily compare their options and educate themselves regarding various installation choices. Possessing greater insight into various designs, styles and features can be very helpful. Spending even a little time to perform basic research can ensure homeowners are able to make more educated decisions.

Finding a wider range of swimming pool design options ensures that homeowners are able to select one better suited to their specific needs. Styles that better compliment their surroundings can allow for a more attractive exterior environment to be created or ensure that the market value of a home is better protected. Choosing the best designs and installation services can be an essential concern when it comes to investing in outdoor pools, hot tubs or other backyard installations.