Why You Should Design Build – Find Out the Benefits to You

Word on the street has it that the only fellows who don’t long to build their own homes are those who already have.”This project came in a way over my expected budget… The latrine was constructed in the wrong place, the kitchen is too tiny” such complaints are often aired out as soon as a home is worked to completion or during the building period.

Constructing a home might be what you really want; however, it may turn out frustrating if you haven’t thought of what to expect. No matter how perfectly you have planned, unexpected issues may arise and when dealing with a wide range of people, communication becomes a challenge at some point. Although one can never prevent sudden surprises, having a guiding factor while building your home makes the process run much smoother. Going the design build way is the best way to go. Putting down the design of the project handled by the same company helps to ensure the challenges faced are reduced to a manageable level.

What is design build all about? This is a method involving project delivery whereby one company (the guiding factor) provides their client with both design and construction services. There major benefits to this method of home building include:

An Early Approximation of the Construction Costs

This method ensures the client gets a rough idea of the entire project much earlier than in other service delivery systems. The company responsible for the project takes full responsibility of the design phase and further takes note of construction costs. Additionally, it plans a budget for the project. Generally, the guiding company simultaneously designs and estimates according to the prearranged budget. As an advantage, this process allows for an early change of decisions which greatly affect the ultimate outcome.


The home owner looks to a company which he gives full responsibility of adhering to the set budget, timing and scheduling, quality control, and performance of the whole project. The ultimate results are nothing less of: total cost control, well defined responsibility, and ASAP attention if need arises. Who wouldn’t want to see things running this smooth?

Saves More Time and Money

The company’s designers and contractors discuss the materials and ideas that would work to your advantage in terms of budget. For the obvious reason that design and construction go side by side, the average design and construction period may be significantly reduced minimizing the overall cost. With the two teams working hand in hand, the construction procedure may commence before the necessary construction credentials are fully completed. Think of the slogan “Time saved equals money saved”

Reduced Client Managerial Time and Effort

During the phases of design and construction, the homeowner is not called upon to spend their time or money in coordinating staff and making any arrangements. All this is catered for by the company staff. The homeowner may only be called upon if the need for making crucial decisions arises.

Important Facts to Consider While Hiring Concrete Cutters

Almost every construction projects involves concrete cutting and core drilling services for different purposes. Few of the major services offered by these professional construction contractors are concrete cutting, wall sawing, core drilling, asphalt sawing and chain sawing etc. Knowing the fact that concrete is durable and quite hard to break, it involves specific skills, saws and awareness to handle concrete cutting and sawing tasks. Professional concrete cutters must be proficient in carrying these tasks efficiently.

Why hire only professional contractors for concrete cutting services?

You have a freedom to search, interview and arrange different deals, with contractor to get maximum benefits. Consequently, collaborating with an established concrete cutting company will bring you only desired results at the best possible price.

However it is not that an easy task to discover the right service providers, and so these are few tips which must be helpful before selecting the one.

License & credibility

It is obvious to know if the concrete cutting company you are planning to hire owns adequate licence to function and work in this area. This guarantees you of the integrity of these experts and their work legitimacy. Also, make sure you double check for the authority of their office/presence other than on the website.


Only skilled professional can truly contribute your project and value for money. If these people are knowledgeable and own experience in the same field, with advanced construction saws and technologies, then definitely you are going to see improvements.


Concrete cutting and core drilling bring possible risk to the safety of working employees and sometimes the environment. It is always recommended to be proactive and involve adequate quid lines during work that keeps it most secured and risk-free. So, get ensured that the company’s provides adequate saws, clothes, protective glasses and gloves, for a successful completion of the concrete job.

There are different contractors, each of them proficient in a particular job type. So it is worthy to recognize whether that person has enough experience in the actual project. The point here is to choose suitable worker, rather than hiring someone else with poor knowledge in the tasks you need to be done. For example, some are specialized in curb cutting and stamped polishing concrete while others grind concrete best.

To finalize the project successfully, you must not forget the price tag and the completion dates in order to avoid any problems that were not expected at the first place. These are some of important facts to consider while hiring concrete cutters.

Swimming Pool Safety – Things to Know When in the Water!

Whether it is alone, as a couple or with a group, it seems everyone cannot wait to get in the water. But, as much fun as aquatic activities are, they also include danger.

— Potential Swimming Dangers —

• Fatal Drowning:

– An average of 390 people die annually from swimming pool or spa drownings

– The number one cause of accidental death for children under age five is drowning

– Sixty-seven percent of swimming pool drownings involved children under three years old

– Seventy-five percent of drownings involving children under the age of 15 occur at residential swimming pools

• Nonfatal Drowning (Near Drowning Submersion Incidents):

– More than 5,000 pool and spa related submersion incidents require hospital emergency medical treatment annually

– More than 60 percent of near drowning incidents involve children under the age of four

– Most nonfatal drownings occur in residential swimming pools

• Injuries (Non-submersion Incidents):

– Broken bones, scrapes and bruises from slip and fall accidents

– Strangulation from pool cleaning equipment

– Electrocution by old pool lights or faulty equipment

– Injuries or death caused from being trapped by pool suction

— Liability – Who is Responsible for a Pool Accident —

It is your pool, and if your guests are injured, you may be liable. Another possible liability are trespassers, especially teenagers involved in pool hopping. Teens go to houses during the day when they think no one is home or at night when the residents are asleep. They hop in, hop out and move on to the next pool. Other trespassers may be neighbors who enjoy your hot tub while you are away or small children in the neighborhood who just really want to go swimming.

Clearly, the people who enter your property without your permission are trespassers who have no legal right to be in your pool or hot tub. If they are injured, you are usually not liable. If you are liable for a trespasser or an invited guest who is injured on your property, it could be a financially devastating situation that requires you to hire an attorney

— Trespassing and Attractive Nuisances —

Many states where pools are extremely common have criminal trespassing laws to protect property owners. These rules are known as attractive nuisance doctrine guidelines, which create a loophole for trespassers. Fortunately for homeowners, this only applies to young children.

If you have something on your property that is so attractive to young children that they cannot resist, like a swimming pool, you have an attractive nuisance. By law, you must take extra precautions to protect children from harm if they are near, on or in the attractive nuisance. If you do not, you are likely liable when those children are injured.

— Pool and Spa Safety —

Whether a person is an invited guest or a trespasser, it is important to make sure your pool and spa and the surrounding areas are safe. Summer fun does not have to be ruined by potential hazards or dangers. Taking safety precautions protects everyone from injury or death, including you, and it protects you from legal liability.

Pool and Spa Safety Tips


– Install a fence around the pool or entire yard and make sure it is high enough to keep people out.

– If fencing is already in place, thoroughly examine it for holes, spaces or weak areas that someone can get through.


– Make sure your fence has a gate or door with a lock or latch.

– Place the lock or latch high enough to be out of reach of small children.

– Make sure the lock or latch has a self-locking mechanism.

Alarms– Install an alarm on the pool and spa door or gate that is loud enough to be heard inside the house.

Surfaces and Objects

– Make sure surfaces around the pool and spa are worn or slippery.

– Make sure surface edges inside the pool and spa are not rough enough to cause injury.

– Keep pool toys and other objects out of walkways to prevent someone tripping over them.

– Put away pool toys when not in use so young children are not tempted by seeing them.

Have regular pool inspections by a qualified inspector.

Consider installing a pool net or cover.

Place no trespassing signs on the outside of your pool fence.

— Human Safety Tips —

  • Make sure someone in the household knows CPR
  • Make sure everyone in the household can swim
  • Only allow children to swim under adult supervision
  • Require adult guests to supervise their own children
  • Do not allow intoxicated people to swim in your pool
  • Talk to neighborhood children about pool safety

No matter how it happens, if someone is injured or dies while using your pool or spa, prepare yourself for potential legal complications. Even if you have an insurance policy that covers these types of incidents, you will most likely need a personal injury lawyer experienced in aquatic accidents to help you understand your legal liability and responsibility. While no one wants a pool or spa accident, it is best to be prepared if one happens.